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We as divers have a responsibility to enrich our diving and non diving community.

Blacktip strives to expand the impact we as a diving society can make and aid those who would like to join the community or just aid those affected by their exterior circumstances.

Our Social Outreach

The Blacktip Social Club

Joining a diving club certainly has it's advantages!  Social get togethers happen on the first Friday of every month where divers (and those who don't dive-yet!) happily reminisce over all the dives and events that has happened

(Usually over a beer or two :p)

The club also discusses upcoming events, any type of concerns related to diving and the usual topics.

Blacktip Junior

We firmly believe that we need to teach our kids to make a real difference to the well-being of our planet and all that lives on it and in it.

Blacktip Junior will host special educational events and fun activities.

Ocean Clean-up Project

As part of our responsibility towards the environment, we have committed to contribute to the global drive to clean up our oceans and our beached and our water bio-systems in general.

We want to challenge each and every person to take part in this clean-up. We further challenge ALL social dive clubs and groups to take part in this drive.